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Codes For Selected Playlist

This page allows you to grab the html codes for the currently selected playlist. Look below, choose which code and click in that box to highlight the text, then COPY (Ctrl-C) the code and PASTE (Ctrl-V) it into your own page.

If you want to customize the codes, use the options to the left to change the look and feel of each of the options on this page.

URL Link - Link to your playlist for forums, blogs, etc.

RSS Link - Link to your playlist as an RSS feed.

Normal Link - Place anywhere to open your playlist.

Color Link - Customize link with you own color and text.

3D Flash - This is great for sites like MySpace as they do not allow any flash scripting. This displays your playlist, but a new window opens when the link is clicked and a Larger version is shown. If you have your own web page that allows javascript see bottom of page.

Large Image Link - This shows a simple image to display and it also opens a new window to display a Large version of your playlist.

Medium Image Link - Same as above just a little smaller

Small Image Link - Same as above but even smaller.

If you have your own website and can use javascript, the next 4 options will be best, as these open the video player right on your own page. no need to open a new window. These all work exactly the same they are just different sizes. Click buttons for code and display.

320 x 240 475 x 200 540 x 200 720 x 260

Choose No Image
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